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The Longhorn Range of SMART casing bits provides for custom made

float, nose and cutting profiles on both helical drive rotational and

standard non rotational shoes.

Designed to meet your down hole expectations Longhorn tools

provide high durability thermal polymer float valves installed to

ALL SMART bits.  

​Complete with unique nose profiling and fully PDC drillable in bronze

or aluminium.

Applications include use as a reamer shoe with a CRT tool to rotate

the whole string.



Casing Depth Solutions

Casing Depth Solutions is our service to provide clients with a "turnkey" option from factory sourcing of casing to its ultimate installation into the well.

With ever more challenging well profiles undertaken, operators need to ensure that risk is managed correctly and potential losses minimised due to the failure to get casing strings to TD at the first opportunity.

Downhole rotation is often the key - provided the correct plan is put in place that meets budgetary, operational, well control and safety requirements.

ERA addresses our niche market by providing proven products and services specifically geared toward the provision of downhole rotation capabilities. This is our core business.

By providing a turnkey solution in sourcing casing, centralisers, float equipment, casing running tools, rotating shoes and torque rings, as well as the associated engineering and field services we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and provide an independent, focused, on time, on budget service. Everytime.

Our support team bring many years of DwC, TRS field and operational experience and our product network is proven.


- Volant Casing Running Tools

​-Tool rental 

- Field Engineers 

- Drilling and technical support for life of project

- Training services 

- Improved rig efficiency

- Faster rig up/down times than similar competitor systems

​- Faster RIh times than similar competitor systems

- No history of ERA failures. Client history Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia

- Reduce reliance on wiper trips when use tools in conjunction with ERA Reamer Shoe Options

- Fully trained & certified by Volant (tool manufacturer)



- Increased torsional capacities on API connections

  enabling safe string rotation

- Reduce your recut costs on casing and work strings for API


- Reduce your casing pipe costs for casing drilling where API

  connections can be used

- Improve service life on installed API tubing by improving hydraulic flow of produced fluids

- Reduce connection erosion at the J Section in API connections

- Improved tubular service life.

- Sales and Installtion Services



- Premium product in market is Volant Hydroform Centralisers

- Volant centralisers designed specifically for casing drilling and rotation

- Volant cenralisers have a  proven history of ZERO mechanical failures


- We also source and supply a wide range of centralisation options for all

  clients operational and budgetary requirements through our exclusive agency agreement

​  with Oilmec Asia Drilling Equipment.



Proven in both Canada and Australia, the Longhorn Products range of rotational shoes enjoys a 98% success rate when RIH. With fast drill out times the rotational shoes can be custom designed to suit your down hole expectations.

​ERA provide sales and service support for this highly effective range.

​Applications: Run with conventional casing equipment and a fill up tool, can be run with CRT toprovide 100% rotational contingency in case of CRT or TDS failure


​ERA provide both inflatable and non inflatable fill and circulate tools for casing running.

The FAC tools are provided on rental as stand alone items  or as a package to

support a Longhorn Rotational shoe. Service engineers are also supplied upon request



ERA provide our own Hi Torque BTC threaded reamer shoes complete

with tungsten carbide cutting structures and eccentric nose profiles.

Using our unique thread cut profile we utilise the additional torquing

capacity available in torque rings to improve the torsional parameters

of your reamer shoe.

Typical internal thread profiles for BTC float shoes and collars DO NOT

allow for safe installation of torque rings. Many operators are unaware

of the fact that they have weak points in their casing string prior to

rotation with API connections. They may only rely upon thread locking

compounds, which can be broken due to downhole vibration, rotation,

pressure and temperature conditions.

ERA Hi Torque Reamer Shoes provide a definitive affordable response.