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Casing Depth Solutions is our service to provide clients with a "turnkey" option from factory sourcing of casing to its ultimate installation into the well.

With ever more challenging well profiles undertaken, operators need to ensure that risk is managed correctly and potential losses minimised due to the failure to get casing strings to TD at the first opportunity.

Downhole rotation is often the key - provided the correct plan is put in place that meets budgetary, downhole, operational, well control and safety requirements.

ERA addresses our niche market by providing proven personnel, products and services specifically geared toward the provision of downhole rotation capabilities. This is our core business.

By providing a turnkey solution in sourcing casing, centralisers, float equipment, casing running tools, rotating shoes and torque rings, as well as the associated engineering and field services we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and provide an independent, focused, on time, on budget service. Everytime.