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CRT Alignment guides

ERA CRT Alignment Guides addresses specific problems faced during most, if not all CRT operations.

Pipe Alignment and no means of stabbing pipe in derrick.

Whether its caused by wind, poor rig alignment, or simply because you are running buttress threads and that joint keeps on falling over to one side. Either way you just cant get that CRT stabbed into casing box.

Misalignment and poor stabbing will cost you time in thread crossing, loss of smooth work flow and momentum and may even cost you pipe due to crossed threads or impacted couplings.

Design Simplicity - Stab 'N' Run Series

The Stab 'N' Run series acts as a removable stabbing guide, a no cross coupling and a CRT alignment tool all in one easy design.

It allows the CRT to be engaged immediately, the pipe to be aligned correctly and positively stabbed, make up to commence without crossing and all with full driller visibility of the thread making up.

With minimal weight consideration the Stab 'N' Run is easily installed and removed by the rig crew for each joint of casing.

Manufactured using either Nylon-6 or Aluminium 6061 we ensure a tough product that lasts as long as you need it.

It is also used in shoetrack make up and as a replacement for personnel in the stabbing board during conventional casing running.


Saves rig time  -         through correct pipe alignment

Saves rig time  -         compared to Volant supplied Stump Guide which is suitable only for break                                       out of connections.

Safety              -          prevents CRT impacting casing coupling and potential DROPS

​                        -          removes personnel from stabbing board

Cost                -           small investment against cost of rig time or improved RIH speeds

Field Proven   -         Simple design used for many years in No-Cross Couplings and No cross                                         stab guides. Particular applications in surface flow head installations and                                         make ups on semi subs.

Applications   -         Shoetrack Alignment, CRT Alignment, Surface Flow Tree Alignment