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Load Out Services 

As part of our continual commitment to ensuring our clients achieve maximum efficiency in their operations, ERA provide independent Load Out and QA services to operators. A most effective means of minimizing downtime at the rig site caused by incorrect or non-supplied equipment.

As a means of ensuring that what your service provider commits to is actually supplied ERA provide Load Out services in:

Casing Running Services

Casing Drilling Services

Drilling Tools and Drill Stem Components

Well Test Packages

​ESP & Completion Packages

​MPD, UBD packages

​Fishing Tools Packages

CRT Inspection and QA Services

Casing Running Tools require continual appraisal and MUST be managed within a competent QA system to ensure that dropped strings, tool failures, downtime and safety incidents are minimized.

ERA are certified to conduct QA teardown and inspections of Volant Casing Running Tools. Thus ensuring that a service provider maintains use of the tool within manufacturers specifications at all times.

Failure to do so by a service provider, may, in the case of a failure in field result in substantial claims for damages.

The service is provided to operators who wish to enjoy peace of mind in how their service provider applies manufacturer stipulated procedures with regards to teardown and inspection.

The service is also available to service providers who wish to independently verify the competence of their own QA systems with regards to Volant Casing Running Tools.

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