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​Services in Thailand:


Mobile Bucking Services - Thailand 

ERA Mobile Bucking Services are based at our

Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat Base) in NE Thailand.

The service is supplied to the clients chosen

location - rig site or pipe yard.

The system is stand alone with full hydraulic and

electrical power supplied for work in remote


This approach reduces the transportation costs

for the operator for completion strings,

workover strings, through tubing and

completion assemblies.

Reducing Your Costs of Bucking

Online costs reduced  -    Make up of BHA's and completion assemblies offline reduces well centre time

Coupling make up    -     ERA reduce your costs by charging less for each make up AND by delivering the                                        system to your chosen location. No requirement to truck your plain end pipe or                                          to incur high pipe yard charges. 

Trucking Costs        -     Saving you on extensive trucking and transport  charges to and from a service                                           provider pipe yard. We deliver to your door.

Downhole Failure    -      ERA record all connections whether premium thread casing and tubing, or                                                 standard API connections. By ensuring you have full records this method of QA                                           control ensures you reduce the risk of twist off downhole or connection failure                                             particularly with small gauge pipe connections.

System Specifications

Model:                            TEDA  YNJ 200 / 15

Pipe Range:                   2 3/8 - 7 5/8 inches

Torque Max:                  11,050 ftlbs

Control System:              DCCK (non Ex)

Torque Turns:                 Full recording, dump, shoulder monitoring real time. (240V, 3 phase) Non-Ex.

​Powered by:                    Lister 3 cylinder diesel HPU (Non Ex)

                                        OR   380V 50Hz electric HPU (Zone 2 rated)

Supplied complete with:

2 x operators

Full transport basket and all weather covers

4 x jack rail stands c/w universal rollers

2 x mini pipe racks

400L or 30L air compressor as required 

Mini petrol generator (back up power source for computer)

Full all weather canopy for sun and rain c/w frame

Thread Compound as required


Our pricing is conducted on a case by case basis dependent upon size of the job involved.

Pricing method 1       -         On a per connection basis for one off or small jobs. We can uplift also.

Pricing method 2       -        On a day rate basis for longer term or larger jobs.

Both methods incur a mobilisation and demobilisation fee.

For further information please email us at

Trained Personnel

The owner of the company, Jim Reid, started as a JAM Torque Turns Technician with Weatherford in 1990 and has revisited this role with other service providers before moving onto drilling and completion activities. Therefore a wealth of knowledge is at hand.

Our Senior Supervisor (Consultant) Mr. Leslie Peder Dick also has a vast wealth of knowledge in TRS and bucking operations starting with Weatherford in 1987 in the North Sea.

All training is done inhouse and  employees must cover mechanical, electrical, OCTG theoretical and safe work training before being deemed competent.

​Each trained operator is assigned his own test pups for continual practice and is given the opportunity to yield the same as a means of furthering knowledge and expertise. Each trained operator is instructed in pipe handling, thread form and redress.

Our Mobile HMBU team can be contacted  at