Oilmec is API Certified to manufacture a complete line of both welded and non-welded Bow Centralizers, Float Equipments and other accessories for Oil and Gas Drilling Industry.

These product design and manufacturing expertise has been developed by experience, field knowledge & exposure to the demands of downhole technology throughout the world.

Oilmec products are designed, assembled, tested and inspected at its facility in Faridabad, India.

Our facility is equipped with modern machines and testing equipment including heat treatment, state of art press shop, machine shop, paint shop and are manufactured with Rigid Quality Control. Quality Management Systems are fully practiced and adhered to as per API Specification Q1 and ISO 9001 – 2000.

Oilmec calculates the total load on centralizer at each deflection and prepares a Load Deflection Curve using arithmetic average of force readings. This determine the Restoring force specified in the API 10D spec.

In addition to API testing Oilmec also perform the following tests considering the extreme conditions which these product may encounter. 

Tensile Stress test on all Centralizers is done to ensure that even a severely damaged Centralizer will remain intact rather than have a detrimental effect upon the tubular installation process.

Compression tests are conducted to ensure that even badly distorted centralizer bows will not fracture and leave metal fragments in the well.

The overall Oilmec philosophy is to provide best possible technical solution to any centralizing problem.

As adequate planning and engineering is critical for the success of any cementing job. Good Centralization is necessary to obtain good mud removal which is only achievable by correct selection of the Centralizers and their installation pattern.

ERA and Oilmec - Stronger Together

On 30-01-2016 both ERA and Oilmec  entered into multi agency and distributor agreements to bring cost effective solutions to the market to allow our existing and potential clients to enjoy the maximum benefit of cost savings during the well construction and workover processes.

ERA are fully authorised agents and online distributors for our principal. 

Only by ordering through ERA will you achieve maximum discounts on all Oilmec products.

Only by ordering through ERA will you achieve maximum QAQC outside of the factory gate.

Only by ordering through ERA will you achieve maximum technical support.