Our current product range reflects our wider network in O&G tools as well as our own innovative products designed to overcome specific issues in the attainment of casing TD. 

We are focused upon the following:

  • Volant Casing Running Tools - Service and Rentals
  • Rotating Casing Shoes - Sales and Service
  • Volant Hydroform Centralisers - Sales and Service Design  
  • Volant Torque Rings - Sales and Service
  • Oilmec Conventional Centralisation, Float and Cementation 
  • Well Bore Clean Out Tools - Sales /Rentals and Service
  • Casing Reaming Shoes - Sales and Service 
  • ERA  Hi Torque Reamer Shoes - Sales and Service
  • ERA Stab 'N' Run Guides
  • Fishing Tools and Drill Stem Components - Sales and Service 
  • Tubular Sales - DP, Collars, HWDP, Casing, Tubing
  • General Sales of handling equipment and rig equipment

All of our tools are field proven with excellent, provable track records in field or downhole.

For further information on the above products, including specifications, please select from the above drop down menu.​                                                


ERA excel in running casing or drilling with casing using the "best in market" Volant CRTi.

We offer short and long term tool rental options complete with full TT systems.

We offer field consultancy, QA, training and tool management services for those who own Volant Tools.

The Volant Casing Running Tool (CRTi) enables:

  • Make up  of Premium connections at surface with full Torque Turn capability
  • Make up of API connections at surface using TDS
  • Full string reciprocation
  • Full string rotation
  • Full circulation
  • Make up and break out of connections with TDS (unlike modified fishing spears)
  • Reduced personnel costs in smaller crews ( 1 x engineer and the tool )                                                                                                                                                                                        The above can only be achieved with experienced, competent personnel.