Rotating Casing Shoes

ERA are distributors in SE Asia for the Longhorn Tools range of rotating shoes and associated products.

Benefits include:

Ability to rotate downhole , clear debris, ledges and fill

Fully PDC drillable

Fast drill out times 

Aluminium and/or bronze construction

Easy operation - activated by pump pressure and set down weight

Circulate 12 -15 bpm

Proven and reliable field history

Can be run with conventional casing equipment

Provide 100% contingency when run with a Casing Running Tool

(​Also supplied in non drillable steel for wellbore clean out and landing of screened and slotted liner completions)

Tools Range:

The Fill Drill         -    Surface Intermediate and Production Casing

                                 Non Drillable Tool

                                 4.5", 5.5", 7.00" & 9.625"

                                 Bit profile OD made to client specs

​The Autoset        -    Slotted Liner, Multi Stage Packer Completions, Lost circulation Zones

                                Non Drillable

                                4.5", 5.5", 7.00"

The Stubby        -   Surface, Intermediate and Production Casing

                               Fully PDC drillable

                               Aluminium and / or bronze construction

                               Rotate off ledges, ream and circulate debris clear

​                               4.5", 5.5", 7.00", 9.625"

                               98% succes rate

                                          sand, swelling shales, coal seams, ledges and washouts


Ledgemaster   -    Surface, Intermediate & Production Casing,

                             Ledges, Doglegs and Washouts, Minor Fill Removal 

                             3/4 of a revolution 

​                             Fully PDC drillable

                             4.5", 5.5", 7.00"                           

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