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Why use FCR Torque Rings for casing rotation ?


In critical situations like casing drilling or rotation it is necessary to be certain of the outcome rather than rely on hindsight, after the fact of failure.

When using a typical API connection during casing rotation (reaming or drilling) it will be necessary to know the rotational torque limits and operating envelope of your casing string when in open hole and at the tool face.

A weak connection may result in "twist or back off", "washout" or "over penetration" and string failure and the resulting costs of remedial activities.

Lets take an example of how torque rings will improve the torsional capacity of a typical 9 5/8 BTC connection at 47ppf and grade L80.

​With no torque rings we can make this connection up on surface to approx 12,000 ftlbs at mid-triangle (optimum).

With FCR rings in place we can make this up to 45+K ftlbs max.

This increase provides a large window of additional torque with which to address planned drilling activity. So thats the technical reason.


FCR torque rings also have cost benefits over other similar products in the market:

​*     Buy what you need, Use what you need, No excess stock.

​With our one size ring we have no colour coding offerings like our competitors. This means you are not paying for product that you are not going to be able to use at the end of your project. No excess, no waste. Save money.

*    Pre-formed unlike some competitors products. Our FCR rings are solid and made from the very same casing material that you are running in the hole. This means you dont actually need fancy install tools in order to seat and form the ring into its correct shape under pressure. Our rings are already exactly formed. Yes we provide tools for installation as well and advise these are used for high volume projects as options. 


Wider Applications 

*   Production Screens -   You dont need high end premium casing for slotted production screens. BTC pipe with FCR rings installed maintain connection integrity whilst protecting the fluid flow dynamics by closing off the J-section in the BTC coupling. These have been applied in both heavy oil ESP pump situations to reduce pump stresses and in high volume gas producers to reduce errosion and extend completion screen life cycle.

*   Workstrings -  Prevent over torquing & belling and the associated costs of recut & repair when using API threaded workstrings

* Casing Shoetracks - Contact us to discuss this further. 


Torque Rings

Torque rings provide API threaded and coupled connections (BTC,LTC,STC,EUE) with greater torsional strength and provide the following benefits:

  • ​Improved torsional capacity to connection enabling rotation of casing strings for reaming or drilling
  • Improved flow characteristics within a casing or tubing string
  • Improved connection lifecycle due to less erosion
  • Improved flow characteristics in completion tubing
  • Reduced  re-threads in work strings due to reduced overtorquing

ERA provide the best in range product offering from TDI International FCR Torque Rings. TDI-FCR rings provide you with the best possible solution to both technical and financial objectives.