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Torque Rings Installation Service 

ERA provide sales and service for the Volant Range of torque rings including:

​ -     MLT Rings  (Multi Lobe Torque Rings)

 -     DTR's      ( Delta Torque Rings - Volants new range of ultra high torque performance rings)

Our installation service can be done at the rig site or in the pipe yard for a number of API connections including BTC, LTC, STC, EUE.

Using our Volant Range of installation tools you are assured of correct and competent installation.

We record all installation details including ring type, pre and post installation dimensions, installation pressures and photograph all rings installed as part of our standard service.

All done to ensure that our clients have the full knowledge of what is being installed into their well.

Installation Equipment

2 x 10,000 psi air over hydraullics Enerpac pumps

2 x 10,000psi gauges to monitor install pressures (complete with all hoses and fittings to 10,000psi)

2 x Volant measurement gauges

Full sets of push plates and flanges to suit tubular sizes as follows:

 13 3/8 BTC, 9 5/8 BTC, 7.00" BTC, 5 1/2 BTC, 4 1/2 BTC, 3 1/2 EUE, 2 7/8 EUE

Full sets of hand driven mechanical install tools for tubular sizes as follows:

4 1/2 BTC, 3 1/2 EUE, 2 7/8 EUE

Petrol Generator (for remote locations)

30L air compressor electric powered (for remote locations)

Full set of hand tools

Spare Enerpac hydraulic fluid

All tools supplied in US Army grade mortar boxes as standard.

Service Geography

We provide this personnel installation service in SE Asia only. Installation tool kits are available for rental on a global basis at highly competitive rates.


Our personnel are trained in this specific task. The numbers of personnel are dependent upon the size of the job noting that in remote locations protectors must be removed, connections cleaned, rings installed, recorded, photographed and protectors re-installed.  

​Installation can be done onshore  AND offshore. Field supervision of applied torques and running procedures is also available.