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on fishing tools and drill stem



Fishing Tools Sales 

In conjunction with our principal Tianhe Huifeng Oil Group we provide global sales and after sales support for their wide range of fishing and drill stem components.

We provide sales of catalogue items and also consider bespoke requirements from the Tianhe range.

Further more we are able to produce bespoke items for packer milling and retrieval and input to project and tool design requirements.                             


Rental Tools and Field Service 

In stock we maintain the following items for rental:

2 x Multi String Casing Cutters       Cutting Range:  5 1/2 OD

                                                       Knife Range: 5 1/2 

                                                       Tool Connection: 2 7/8 API Regular

                                                       Tool Body OD: 4 3/8 inches

​                                                       Knives in Stock: 1 set (2 week lead time)

                                                       Model Ref:   GD 111

2 x Multi String Cutters                  Cutting Range:  7 - 16 inches OD

                                                      Knife Range:  7, 7 - 9 5/8, 9 5/8 - 13 3/8, 13 3/8 - 16  
                                                      Tool Connection: 3 1/2 API Regular
                                                      Tool Body OD: 5 3/4 inches

​                                                      Knives in Stock: 1 set (2 week lead time)
                                                      Model Ref:   GD 146

The above cutters can be supplied for short or long term rental with and without field support as the client chooses. Knives are supplied as sale items.




Tubular Retrieval Services 

Our Tubular Retrieval Services focuses on tool sales, rental and field service.

Covering SE Asia as our primary market for rentals and field service we provide global coverage for tool sales and design.

Our Fishing Tools Consultant enjoys 20+ years experience across big hole, thru-tubing, coil tubing and wireline.

We are able to manufacture bespoke tools to clients requirements.