Our Notable Successes

Client:                Consultants for Odfjell Well Services / Mubadala                                       Petroleum

Location:            Thailand, Ensco 85 jack up.

​Outcome:          Drill top hole to approx 1000' - 1200' (RKB)                                              consecutively and be cemented within 10-12 hours                                  of  pre-load completed once jack up on location.

                         RIH 9 5/8 @ maximum 28 jts / hr without inducing                                    losses to formation. Rotate as required.

                         Contract holder Odfjell Well Services awarded                                         
a 2 year plus 1 option from operator based                                              upon ERA performance.

Client:                 Training Consultants for Indokaya Energi                  Location:             Indonesia                                                              Project :              Inhouse training for Indokaya personnel. Receipt of                                  new CRT tool with no experience. Prior to upcoming                                trial work with VICO in Badak, Indonesia.                                                                                                                       

Outcome:           Successful training and subsequent operations for                                  Indokaya. Resulting in contract award by VICO.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2014     
Client:                Odfjell Well Services / Cuulong JOC                        Location:           Vietnam                                                                 Project:             Exploration. Level 1 RIH 9 5/8 BTC casing on                                          Galveston Key jack up.  

Issue:               Client engineer gets tool stuck in casing and cannot                                 get unstuck. Rig on downtime, casing joints crushed                                 by tongs, 65k torque placed through tool by client                                     technician.                                                                                               

Outcome:        ERA engineer on site gets tool unstuck, completes full                             QA QC checks, lays out damaged casing joints in 4                                  hrs and completes RIH without issues.

Client:               Odfjell Well Services / PVD Well Services / Petronas     Location:           Vietnam, Naga 6  
Project:             Development. RIH 9 5/8 Premium casing 
Issue:               3 x RIH casing conventionally without success. MD                                 approx 3700m with obstructions at 3000m onwards.                                 High torques on wiper trips in and out of hole                                           to approx 30k ftlbs.                                                                                                     

Outcome:        ERA in conjunction with Petronas ream approx 600m to                          get to depth. Saving to Petronas is cost of total planned                       project. If TD not reached whole development project                           at risk.

                       Contract holder gets full rental contract from Petronas                              Vietnam for CRT services..


Client:              PVD Well Services / OWS/ Lamson JOC

​Location:         Vietnam, PVD 2 Jackup. 

Well:               TL-9XP-S2

​Project:             Development. RIH 9 5/8

Issue:               Sidetracked well, deviation high, unable to RIH casing                             by conventional means.

Outcome:        Light reaming required to clear obstructions. TD                                      achieved. 

                       Contract holder awarded full rental contract from                                      Lamson JOC for CRT services based upon ERA                                       performance.

ERA excel in running casing or drilling with casing using the "best in market" Volant CRTi.

We offer short and long term tool rental options complete with full TT systems.

We offer field consultancy, QA, training and tool management services for those who own Volant Tools.

The Volant Casing Running Tool (CRTi) enables:

  • Make up  of Premium connections at surface with full Torque Turn capability
  • Make up of API connections at surface using TDS
  • Full string reciprocation
  • Full string rotation
  • Full circulation
  • Make up and break out of connections with TDS (unlike modified fishing spears)
  • Reduced personnel costs in smaller crews ( 1 x engineer and the tool )                                                                                                                                                                     
  • The above can only be achieved with experienced, competent personnel.

​Contact us to find out why ERA are the best at running and drilling your casing with the Volant CRT range:

Volant CRTi Specifications

For outline Volant specifications on the most common tools used in SE Asia simply click on the links below:


ERA Zero Failure History

Whilst other service providers may "talk a good game" and ultimately provide a lesser service, ERA pride ourselves on our zero failure history with the Volant CRTi tools. 

Our zero failure history in running the Volant tool is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Experience, Training and knowledge
  • Mechanical design of tool results in less failure points
  • Volant certified ERA field personnel
  • ERA Personnel certified to driller level (or previous driller experience)

CRT Tool Service

  • Short and Long Term Rental Services (TT systems optional)
  • Consultant Field Engineers
  • Training Services for field engineers, rig personnel, drilling management team
  • QA Services in Tool Management Systems for service providers
  • Training for service providers​
  • Recognised by Volant as an "affiliate" network supplier