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Risks of not completing Cat 3 ?

The risks associated with an incomplete QA system on a large investment such as a Volant CRT tool are significant and effect not only field operations but the wider business aspects of your organisation.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Tool failure in field
  • Dropped strings
  • Loss of contract
  • Loss of reputation
  • Inability to secure contracts
  • Reduced load capabilities on tools may be unknown
  • Poor parts planning
  • Reduced  asset life cycle
  • Reduced asset profitability

ERA know that the benefits of competent and independent inspection provides an assurance to any client that they can plan ahead with confidence that they have the correct information to hand and the correct procedures in place.




Volant QA Inspection Service 

As a recognised Volant "Affiliate", ERA are now certified to provide Inspection services for Volant's Range of CRT tools to Category 3.

The annual Cat 3 inspections are designed to ensure that tool owners are able to maximise tool and component performance and lifespan as part of a managed QA system.

Our service provides the following:

  • Digital Microscopy                      
  • UT analysis                               
  • MPI                                            
  • QA Analysis                               
  • Reporting                              



Do you need Cat 3 Inspection ?

As part of the Volant recommended CRT Maintenance procedures each tool owner requires trained personnel to perform annual inspections to Category 3.

ERA independent Cat 3 inspection benefits:

  • Accurate dimensional measurement
  • Conformity to Volant specifications
  • Independent analysis and reporting
  • Damage, crack, flaw identification
  • Load rating verification 
  • QA system reporting and improvement
  • Parts and spares planning
  • Tool QA verification for customers
  • ​Improved tender submission / conformity
  • Improved traceability
  • Improved long term asset management
  • Improved long term asset performance
  • Improved long term asset returns