Case History 2 - Hydroform Centralisers

Case History 1 - Hydroform Centralisers

Multi Lobe Torque Rings

The original OEM torque ring product against which all others are measured.

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ERA are proud to be recognised by Volant as an "affiliate" organisation promoting, operating, servicing and inspecting the Volant range of tools and accessories.

They are, without question, the leading technology and solutions provider to the oil and gas market in casing running tools and associated services. 

If its guaranteed products with a proven history, superior technical specification with field and operational flexibility and unparalleled engineering support you require. Then its Volant you need.

ERA provide extensive experience in field operations in the full Volant range of tools.

​Give us a problem. We give you the solution.

Hydroform Centralisers




Need we say more. 

Well yes, click on the images to view product case history of extreme product performance.

Delta Torque Rings

Volant have introduced their brand new range of Delta Torque Rings.

Designed to further improve, and push the limits, beyond the existing MLT torque ring range of Volant products.

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