API Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Services

ERA provide design, engineering support and manufacturing services for both downhole tooling and surface equipment (structural, mechanical etc).

Utilising our local Thai manufacturing network and the only API Q1 and ISO accredited fabrication and manufacturing facility here on the Eastern Seaboard we are able to provide the link toward management and successful execution of your outsourced API project.

We are able to assist in the management of your project with a local engineering network that is highly experienced in supplying solutions in the Gulf of Thailand , Australia and beyond.

We have undertaken feasibility, design, engineering, manufacture, delivery and field support for clients around SE Asia and the ME region in the following areas:

Downhole Tooling -  Packer Mill and retrieval tooling packages for EMAS/Chevron Bangladesh. Saving clients $000's on purchasing / rental of off the shelf products from the Big 4 well service companies.

Surface Fluid Systems - 42" conductor pipe required a surface fluid retention and disposal package with full hose redundancy for offshore platform installation. Operator had no means to design, source or manufacture locally. ERA provided the services, network, management and execution on time. Project could not commence without the solution in place. Surface system protected lower deck electronic Variable Speed Drives pre-installed during platform installation. Downside potential for client was significant. Ophir/ Odfjell Well Services.

CRT Running Solutions - Client in Malaysia with operational contract in Myanmar was performing poorly during Casing Running Tool operations due to rig misalignment. ERA provided design, FEA, manufacture of simple safe solutions enabling client to almost double operational speed against previous performance. Destini Oil / Petronas

Pipe Laying Bucking Unit Systems - Client in ME wanted outline feasibility and design for a mobile bucking unit service for desert based pipeline in order to Pre-Qualify for tender project. Operator did not want to weld a pipeline due to inspection times taken for welding but instead wanted to utilize VAM Top P110 production tubing joints in conjunction with torque turn computer monitoring. ERA undertook design and feasibility study incorporating local manufacturers of trucks, existing bucking unit supply chain and TRS and well service experience to present affordable solutions. PQ achieved by client. Gulf Petroleum / PDO

Cementation Laboratory -  Client in India requested feasibility, technical specification and pricing on new Cementation Laboratory to full specification for their own assessment of new market feasibility study. ERA provided full scope solutions to recognized international standards in offshore containerage and combined this with the best Chinese and Indian laboratory equipment to create an affordable package approximately 50% cheaper than other international suppliers, Eneroil Offshore India.

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