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New Distributor Agreement with Eneroil Offshore

ERA, as distributors for Eneroil  promote the full range of Eneroil primary cementation equipment.

Established in 1980, Eneroil bring years of expertise and large production capacity capable of meeting all of your technical and volume demands in centralisers, float equipment and wider accessories from the hi-tech manufacturing facilities in both India and ME region.

Whether its bowspring, solid body vane types, single piece CWD / DWC solutions or reamer shoes, float collars or cement baskets ALL of the products are manufactured to API standards.

In conjunction with our principal we support centraliser solutions for:

  • Technical Efficiency
  • Commercial Efficiency
  • Conventional Applications
  • DWC / CWD Applications
  • Casing Reaming Application
  • Centraliser and Cementation Modelling