With a strong global background in well construction ERA are able to ​apply field expertise in drilling, casing and completion services to provide you with best in class API 8A/ 8C and API 7K tooling for your TRS and drilling operations.

Our range of hydraulic power tongs bring robust design, accuracy and reliability to drilling, casing, completions and workover operations at affordable cost and backed up with our service and warranty commitments. We also provide for accurate torque turn monitoring systems which we are able to tailor to your applications and budget.

Our range of hydraulic power units are designed for multi- location usage. Whether its workshop bound, or for use in hazardous conditions, or offshore Zone rated systems we can supply units to meet requirements in both diesel and electric form.

Our diesel range come with air and/or electric start systems and can be configured upon request to incorporate both options. 

ERA tubular handling equipment solutions cover all sizes and applications from running conductor to the smallest workover and intervention strings.

From hydraulic and pneumatic elevators and spiders for drilling operations to manual and automated casing running equipment we have it all.

Our fill and circulate tools (FAC tools) provide a non-inflating solution to enable efficient fill and circulate functions during casing running operations. Covering 5 1/2" - 20" sealing elements we can help you and your team save time without cutting corners

CRT alignment guides solve problems that exist on masted rigs (land, tender assists) whose alignment may not always be guaranteed to be exactly the same each time the Casing Running Tool is used. Simple and effective, it keeps your casing dead straight with no need for anyone in the derrick or expensive stabbing arms for your project.

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