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FAC tools (Fill and circulate tools) are a key consideration in the running of casing strings to ensure correct volume fill inside the casing string to prevent the possibility of casing wall collapse, the maintenance of hydrostatic pressure within the casing string and to enable the circulation of drilling fluid through the string to the annulus to ensure the string remains free, the annulus clear and the string can be lowered to planned depth.

In short, they play a large role in casing running efficiency either as a primary equipment solution or as a back up solution.

By connecting the FAC tool directly to the TDS saver sub (or via a crossover sub) and filling up the string every joint your team will stay on top of an efficient operation without reducing RIH speeds.

Circulating is just as easy. SImply ensure the elastomer seal is securely inside the casing joint and start pumping. The elastomer is sized larger than the casing ID and will compress to seal automatically. No need to wait for an inflation cycle with these tools.

These are non inflatable tools, relying upon an easy install / repair / replace high quality elastomer sealing element and a standard mud saver valve which keeps the rig floor clean and free from slip hazards - particularly useful when using non aqueous drilling fluids.

The design incorporates a rated push down plate and safety tie off points. The tie off points ensure that your commitment to DROPS FREE and SAFE operations is at the forefront of our thinking.

Designed for tubulars from 5 1/2" to 20".

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Fill and Circulate Tools