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ERA TuFF Casing Centralisers

Designed with the tougest downhole conditions in mind.

Designed to withstand maximum axial loading, our ERA TuFF range copes with casing drilling, rotation and reaming.

Formed from single piece seamless pipe our ERA TuFF range is hydroformed under pressure to create:

  • Improved flow dynamics
  • Improved circulation flow by area
  • Reduced pack off potential and improved wellbore cleaning
  • Reduced friction across and through the centraliser
  • Reduced forward facing contact area with zero full vertical face design
  • Reduced circulating pressures
  • A lighter product than standard competitors
  • A stronger product with zero welding
  • Zero ERW pipe used in construction

The organic curves of the ERA TuFF range create smoother and more consistent fluid flow dynamics within the well when drilling, reaming or rotating your casing string.

The TuFF range is available in both general and Heavy Duty versions depending upon your application.

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