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Harsh Environment Diesel Power Units

ERA offer 4 models of diesel power units with flow rates including 60 and 120 LPM and power ratings of 45 / 60 / 70 Kw.

Ideally designed for remote area applications they are available in either air or electric start AND both start systems can be manufactured on the same unit if required.

​Air and water cooled systems are available to serve harsh conditions and Zone 2 systems are also available.


Offshore Zone 2 Rated Electric Power Units 

In instances where the client work location is offshore and the work area is Zone 2 rated, ERA have Ex rated power units that enable you to provide safe continuous operations without the risk of hydrocarbon ingression to the electrical system.

Fully certified explosion proof systems designed to meet heavy duty requirements.


Hydraulic Power Stations

ERA provide a wide range of hydraulic power units including Zone rated hazardous area Ex electric and diesel systems, combined air or electric start systems and workshop power units for non-hazardous environments.

From 120 lpm to 60 lpm and systems rated from 2000 to 3000 psi we have a range of solutions which can be discussed to best suit your needs.