Cement Wiper Plugs

We supply, test and approve a complete line of conventional and non rotating downhole oilfield wiper plugs, all manufactured to API standards by our principal Eneroil Offshore.

Sizes range from 31/2” tubing plugs to 20”casing plugs. 

Eneroil Non - Rotating Cement Plugs

The Cementing Plugs manufactured by our principal include top and bottom non -rotating plugs.These plugs offer the following advantages:

Options in non-rotational device design

Plugs to drill out quickly due to high density polymer materials

Extreme heat and pressure resistance

Eneroil ​Conventional Cement Plugs

The conventional cement wiper plugs manaufactured by our principal include a variety of materials options, rigid diameters and drillable cores to suit all applications, temperatures and budgets without loss to API specification and field performance.

All products are supported by a full range of technical support options from both ERA and Eneroil.

Materials Technology

We offer standard rubber covered plugs with aluminum cores and premium, PDC drillable, plugs molded from urethane.

Our standard elastomer for our rubber plugs is SBR. We also offer Nitrile, HNBR and Fluorocarbon (FKM) for higher temperature applications and XNBR for higher wear resistance. These materials are available in both our top and bottom plugs.

Temperature Rating

Our Urethane cover/Urethane core plugs are rated to 250° F

Our SBR cover/Aluminum core plugs are rated to 275° F

Our Nitrile cover/Aluminum core plugs are rated to 325° F.

Rupture Disc Ratings 

All of our bottom plugs have rupture diaphragms rated at 125/300 psi.


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