ERA TorQ branded casing rings

ERA TorQ  casing rings for API connections

ERA casing drilling solutions brings innovation to push your operating parameters further with both our new ERA TUFF centraliser rangeas well as our branded ERA TorQ casing ring range.

ERA TUFF  CWD  centraliser range. This range of centralisers is lighter and tougher and is available for Heavy Duty applications.

Constructed from single piece seamless steel ( No ERW steel is used), the centraliser is hydroformed to create unique design improvements.

Flow by areas are increased radically over standard spiroliser designs.

Improved flow by areas reduce pack off potential

Fluid friction is reduced thereby benefitting circulating pressures.

ERA TorQ casing rings for API buttress connections provide market leading torsional improvements enabling casing drilling, rotation and reaming solutions with API casing strings.

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ERA Casing Drilling Solutions

ERA TuFF centralisers for casing drilling, rotation or reaming

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