Workshop Facilities

Korat Service Base, Nakhon Ratchasima, NE Thailand

ERA enjoy over 200 square metres of covered workshop and storage space including a well centre which enables the company to fully test ALL handling tools, power tongs etc.

The recent addition of the well test bay allows detailed training for our personnel to be conducted thus ensuring that our personnel are competent in their assigned tasks both in workshop and in the field.

Expansion of workshop facilities

ERA will increase the workshop and storage facilities in its Korat Service Base by another 200 square metres by end of 2015, with a fourth building being erected. to compliment the existing warehouse, workshop, well centre test bay and on site staff house.


The service base location is 3 hours from Bangkok, 3 hours from onshore O&G centres in NE Thailand and 4 hours from the offshore supply base at Sattahip.

​Easy to find directly off the major highway number 24 with single road direct access to all of the above locations in Bangkok, NE Thailand and Sattahip.

Current Facility

Land Size 1600 square metres

200+ sqm covered workshop and storage areas

1 x 2.5T forklift

1 x 1.2T pick up

1 x Swing Crane Arm and Pedestal (Rated 1T)

1 x well centre (Depth 3m)

Employees and Consultants

2 x workshop technicians

2 x workshop assistants

1 x Senior Field Ops Engineer 

1 x Fishing and Downhole Tools Consultant

1 x Senior Field Ops Engineering Consultant

1 x Office Administrator