Casing Tongs

Our range of power tongs bring quality manufacturing under API and ISO certification with excellent value and support.

We offer a wide range of power tong solutions for both casing and tubing operations as well as dual purpose tongs to work with small gauge tubing and drill pipe workstrings.

Designed with safety in mind, the range is capable of withstanding the axial and twisting loads associated with high torque applications in long term usage to ensure your investment is repaid. They cover OD ranges from 2 3/8 inch upto 20 inch casing.

For more information contact us directly via the contact form to assess for yourself both the technical and commercial reasons for choosing from the ERA power tong range.

Completion Tongs Models and  Specifications

Completion Tongs

As either single tongs or with back ups our casing tongs are manufactured with the highest quality of steel and to exacting QA requirements.

Safety interlock doors as standard, a range of torque capabilities to suit various applications and compatible with most, if not all, Torque Turn computer control systems.

The XQ140-12Y dual purpose tong is a work horse for running and pulling API completion tubing and workstrings and small gauge drill pipe.

With 4 gear shift options it handles 2 7/8 through to 5 1/2" tubing with a maximum torque output of 8850 ftlbs.

Small and compact at 482 kg it provides a perfect solution for small rig operations that do not require TT systems but do require versatility, speed and safety.

These units are field proven around the world including N. American market.

ERA Hydraulic Power Tongs

With Tri-grip clamping, micro-marking and grit faced solutions, our torque turn enabled completions tubing tongs include door safety mechanisms and multiple gear shift options to bring you the quality you need for efficiency in operations, long term performance and safety.

The ERA range provides for 3 separate models that provide coverage from 2 3/8 upto 7 inch across a torque range from 6600 ftlbs to 22,000 ftlbs of torque.

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