ERA Hi- Torque BTC Reamer Shoe. Designed by ERA to provide improved torsional connection capacity up to 45,000ftlbs for 9 5/8. Full crushed tungsten carbide cutting blade structure. 

Eccentric Aluminium               Nose Profile



  • The ERA HITORK reamer shoe is designed to provide down hole piece of mind when casing drilling or reaming with API buttress connections in critical situations where torque is a prime constraint. Eg tight hole conditions

  • Our unique machined thread profile in the box of the shoe allows make up torques to be greatly enhanced for BTC connections. Thereby allowing casing drilling and reaming operations to be conducted with a torsionally superior product.


  • Many, if not all, BTC threaded and supplied casing shoes and float collars are machined with no consideration for the torque parameters to be encountered during reaming, drilling or general rotation of the casing string.

  • The safe operating window for a BTC connection with regards to its torsional capacity is very limited. Whereby, there is increased risk of "back off", "over torquing" or general connection failure when faced with the need to rotate a casing string with surface torques in excess of the standard make up limits of the connection as well as the axial loads placed on a non-shouldered API connection.

  • Typically float collars and float shoes will be locked using thread compound. Downhole vibration, temperature and pressure during casing drilling and reaming operations can "break" this thread lock thereby leaving the connections vulnerable and open to failure.

  • In extreme instances it has been known for casing shoes to be welded to the casing string as a means of providing extra torsional capacity. However this can have an adverse effect upon the metallurgy of the casing, creating weak points under load, as well as being strictly outwith API guidelines.

  • High surface torques whilst rotating casing are not indicative of the torque actually realised downhole at the bit. There are mechanical losses to be considered of course. However there are also incremental increases or fluctuations in axial loading when weight is set down or when a new formation type is encountered. These may see spikes in surface torques and resultant continual over torquing of the non-shouldered API connections downhole. Increasing the risk of failure.

  • Torque rings installed to a rotating casing string provide a guarantee of torsional capacity in a connection. Bakerlok does not.
  • Typically float collars and float shoes are only Bakerloked.
  • This presents deficiencies in knowledge of the capabilities of the string. There can be no definitive string torque rating because you have potential weak points at the business end of your casing string and you DO NOT know what that is.

  • Do more with less.
  • More challenging well path trajectories, more pipe on low-side, higher torques. longer sections, larger inclinations and tighter budgets.
  • The cost of failure is ever increasing. Dont fail at the sharp end of your casing operation. 


  • Torques Example

  • Casing OD: 9.625"
  • Casing Weight:  47ppf
  • Casing Grade: L80
  • Connection: BTC
  • C                                                                                            Make Up (ftlbs)                                        Break Out (ftlbs)
  • Standard BTC shoe (Doped)                              12,000                                      15-16,000*

  • ​Standard BTC shoe (Bakerlok)                           12,000                                      24-35,000**

  • ERA HITORK shoe (Doped)                               58,480 (max)                             60,000 + ***

  • ERA HITORK shoe (Bakerlok)                            58,480 (max)                             60,000 +

  • *         Assumes 1.3 break out factor above make up torque
  • **       As per Bakerlok "in-box" data sheet after 16 hours curing. Excludes vibration, compression  forces in casing               drilling and axial loading across connections.
  • ***     Make up torques as per Volant Delta Torque Rings specifications


  • Our simple design, with patents pending, brings together the latest in torque ring technology from Volant with simple machining profiles adhering to API threaded connections.

  • We provide a shouldered API connection with ultra high torque and torsional capacity to provide peace of mind and the knowledge that your reaming and drilling activities are secure.




9 5/8 MAKE UP TO    58,480 FTLBS

13 3/8 MAKE UP TO  107,820 FTLBS


    L80 STEEL