ERA TorQ                             

Testing Data Reports

Designed for high performance

Tested for safety

ERA TorQ rings are tested both inhouse and witnessed by independent 3rd party inspection teams.

The test objectives are to test against the theoretical limits and go beyond the field applied or recommended delta torque limits thereby testing the strength and durability of our products.

The 3rd party inspection reports include NDT testing procedures as follows:

  •  Confirm all test ring dimensions and testing materials
  •  Witness torques applied with a calibrated and certified torque applicator (bucking machine)
  •  Thread inspection visual after connection break out and test ring removal from couplings
  •  Dimensional 3 inspection
  •  Blacklight Connection Inspection
  • MPI critical area
  • DC Coil 13"
  • Gauss Meter 50
  • Demagnetisation > 3 Gauss

You can download the most recent test reports here.

ERA TorQ - Test Data Report Independently witnessed for 9 5/8, BTC, 47ppf L80 rings

​ERA TorQ - Test Data Report Independently witnessed for 7.00", BTC, 23ppf L80 rings